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Use Common Sense when Selecting a Duct Cleaning Company

duct cleaning company

Known Scams

Use Common Sense when Selecting a Duct Cleaning Company

We called every company that ran the ads shown below and got price quotes from them. Guess what?

The prices listed in the ad were never the actual cost to do the job!!!! When we asked for the prices in writing, all but two of the companies refused, stating that the prices were subject to change after their technicians arrived. As you can see in the ads, these are only starting prices.

duct cleaning company

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Once you include the extra supply vent charges, the extra return vent charges, the extra charges for cleaning the blower section, the extra charges for cleaning the access panels and the extra charge for sanitizing the prices for an average home were as follows:

Follow the bouncing Price!
Coupon A listed price: $159.00 actual price: $479.00
Coupon B listed price: $159.00 actual price: $551.00*
Coupon C listed price: $ 59.00 actual price: $489.00*
Coupon D listed price: $159.00 actual price: $550.00*
Coupon E listed price: $ 99.00 actual price: $499.99


All ads marked with an asterisk (*) told us that the price quoted is not guaranteed!

As you can see, if you read these ads, they are very misleading. You must read the fine print and contact the companies to get the full final price for cleaning. They are very deceptive, all they care about is getting you hooked and reeling in another sucker!

Also note above that two of the companies have stated that they have “vacuum trucks” but in their ads, however most advertising displaying pictures don’t even belong to them, they were taken from the internet.

If you come across a company working the Bait & Switch, you should contact the Attorney General’s office and the Better Business Bureau and complain. Fraudulent advertising hurts everyone, especially the honest contractor who is providing excellent service at a fair price. The super duper coupon guys never last long, but the reputable companies grow stronger every year. To find a professional duct cleaning company try NADCA or visit our DuctCleaning.Org.




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