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OPP Warn about “SPRING Duct Cleaning Scams”

spring duct cleaning scams


OPP Warn about “SPRING Duct Cleaning Scams”

As the weather gets nicer and some local companies begin door-to-door sales of construction and air duct cleaning services, OPP are putting out a reminder to watch out for fraudulent businesses.

The notification comes after an elderly resident of Roslin paid to have her driveway paved, but the service was never completed.

Police say these types of criminals tend to target older and vulnerable people and use pushy sales tactics, telling customers the work has to be done quickly, to secure the job and payment, before the work is completed.

Under new provincial laws, door-to-door sales of various products and services, including air conditioners, duct cleaning and water heaters are prohibited.

Police also say there are plenty of reputable companies that conduct their business properly and you should make sure you deal with those companies when you need work done on your property.

Other tips to protect yourself from these types of incidents include:

* Be suspicious if you are approached for repairs or work.

* Check identification and references of the company.

* Make sure the contractor is licensed.

* Get at least three written quotes for work that you need completed.

* Ask for an itemized bill for the repairs and materials.

* Do not give a cash deposit.

* Get a contract for the work being completed.

* Make any cheque payable to the company name and ensure the cheque is written in a way that can’t be altered.

If you are not sure, consult a family member or close friend about the work and the price that is being suggested. If you feel the people attending your property are trying to intimidate you and are putting pressure on you, ask them to leave. Write down any information you may observe about their description, number of people, and the vehicles that they are using, especially a licence plate. Call 888-310-1122 to report them to the OPP immediately.



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