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Facebook community groups are targeted by dishonest companies.

scamming air duct cleaners

Known Scams

Facebook community groups are targeted by dishonest companies.

Latest scamming air duct cleaners are targeting Facebook community groups in Ontario and Quebec.

If keeping your home clean and properly ventilated is a priority to you, then you’ll have to clean your air ducts once or twice. Professional air duct cleaning and maintenance comes with a lot of benefits for your home and environment, when done properly and regularly.

Unfortunately, year after year good honest folks looking to have a professional air duct cleaning have been swindled and defrauded by many illegitimate practices. These air duct scams are perpetuated in a wide variety of methods that may include scammers claiming to have found mold rots or will begin to upsell once in the home.

These developments and more has increased the need for clients, residential or commercial to use the right channel of contacting air duct companies and remain up to date through about the latest trends in these malicious practices.

Over the last year scammers have launched strategic targeting for websites like Craiglist, Groupon and Kijiji. These scammers are also employing the use of Facebook community groups most commonly. Statistics of these reports have shown that the highest efforts of scammers have been concentrated in Ontario and Quebec, with the latest reports emanating from the Montreal area. Home owners and commercial clients who need air duct cleaning services in these regions are thus advised to remain extra cautious in dealing with any company providing these services.

The Facebook community groups are the most effective avenue for these duct cleaner scammers. These malicious organizations post on Facebook community groups similar to “Living in Saint-Lazare, Hudson, Riguad and Vaudreuil and Loving it”, or “Living in Vaudreuil and loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” just to name a few.

Their MO is simple. These businesses have no contact address, or any relevant business information and will be asked to be Pm’d (private messaged). Clients who go on to contact them will then be booked in advance for the cleanings and offered cheap prices to work on a ridiculously huge volume. Unfortunately, these scammers do not do any type of proper cleaning and will simple waste your time and money. On other cases, they charge clients very low prices to aggressively up-sell once inside the home, extorting clients for more money. The security threat that comes with scammers freely entering your property can also be debilitating. In January we posted an article about the RCMP looking for a suspect who was cleaning ducts through Facebook groups.

Fake air duct cleaning companies can also operate under fake names or claim to be employees of trusted companies. Some fake cleaners will even change their names to inconspicuously resemble the names of reputable and renowned establishments by replacing one or two letters. For instance, scammers may brand themselves as Nokla to misrepresent Nokia. These strategies and more has seen hundreds duped and as such, it is imperative to verify the reputation of your air duct cleaners before paying for any service or allowing any entry or inspection.

As a rule of thumb, check for their license, inquire for business information but most importantly, use certified channels for national associations such as the NADCA  or visit for complete information about the good and bad concerning duct cleaning.




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