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How to avoid duct cleaning phone scams

Known Scams

How to avoid duct cleaning phone scams

Like any business category, the duct cleaning sector has its share of disreputable companies whose primary goal is to separate you from your money. As recently as March 2015, for example, nine companies in the Greater Toronto Area were linked to illegal calls about duct cleaning that contravened telemarketing laws set out by the CRTC, the government agency responsible for rulings related to the Canadian telecommunications industry. Although all nine received hefty fines and were publicly named by the CRTC, the damage they caused to the legitimate duct cleaning industry was significant.

Despite the efforts of unscrupulous telemarketers, reputable duct cleaning companies remain united in educating consumers about how to identify scammers. First of all, if an offer to clean your ducts seems too good to be true, it probably is. Professional services will cost you money, so lowball price offers should be an instant red flag. You should also be aware of the “bait and switch” tactics the fly-by-night operators often use to lure you in. Before you sign any contract for services, check the fine print to determine exactly what work you are contracting to be done. Conducting preliminary research on any duct cleaning company you may invite into your home is also a smart idea.

Door-to-door solicitation is also frowned upon by most reputable duct cleaning companies, including Ontario Duct Cleaning. Established companies refrain from this form of “client chasing,” and instead rely on traditional marketing and advertising channels as well as new media/social media platforms to get messages about their service out to potential clients.

Ultimately, word of mouth and referrals remain one of the best endorsement




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