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Air Duct Cleaning Scam Circulating


Air Duct Cleaning Scam Circulating

By now, I’ve gotten used to air duct cleaning companies calling and offering me a “great deal on air duct cleaning services”!! It has been happening to me for years. Frustrating? That’s an understatement!! And yes, my phone number is on the DO-NOT-CALL list.

However, yesterday I had a call I hadn’t heard yet before.

My phone rang yesterday around dinner time.

I answered, “Hello?”

“Yes ma’am, this is the air duct cleaning (company of some name) and I’m calling to confirm your appointment you made with us?”

“Umm…no, I didn’t make an appointment for air duct cleaning”.

“Yes ma’am, you did. And we are coming tomorrow and the charge is $100 if you cancel it so you should not cancel it”.

“Actually, no. I did not make an appointment with you at all, ever”.

“Yes ma’am, you did make an appointment and we are coming tomorrow or you will have to pay a lot of money if you cancel”.

At this point, the person on the phone was raising his voice and trying to intimidate me!

“No, I didn’t make an appointment. And don’t ever call me again or I will call the police”.

He hung up.

Seriously!!! Could you imagine if it was an elderly person who received this call and felt scared by this caller’s threats? Very scary indeed!!

Not cool. And I’m TIRED of these air duct cleaning calls!!!

Pass this along to anyone you think might need to see it. And make sure your phone number is on the National Do Not Call List.

We reckoned when shopping for a duct cleaner look to our Consumer Trusted page or visit the database from NADCA

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